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Lucanian Itineraries

Basilica Pontificia Madonna di ViggianoThe traveller on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria high way, crossing the fertile Vallo di Diano, will come across signposts directing them towards Val d’Agri. Taking this course, they will overcome the Maddalena mountains with the ss598, and at Marsico Nuovo will see open up before them a vision of lush green valley leading to the Pertusillo lake and the mountains Raparo and Sirino, on the border of Calabria. The road flows quickly across the Val d’Agri, following the full length of the river until its mouth at Policoro, a town on the Ionian coast. The packed itinerary unfolds itself amongst hills, medieval towns, valleys, badlands and cultivated fields, immersed in a naturally eco-compatible environment swaddled in rich landscape.

The green valley is brimming with environmental, historical and scenic attractions; the spring period welcomes you with its green pastures, the yellow of the broom and of wheat cultivation and the brown earth of the ploughed fields. The main industry is agriculture, focussed on the breeding of cattle, sheep and goats which provides the prime ingredient for the many dairy products of the area and for the Prodotti Tipici Alto Agri (Typical Products of Alto Agri region)


With the town of Marsico Nuovo behind you the skyline of Viggiano appears into view, a town situated on the top of two mountains and dominated by the remains of a castle. To the right, on the summit of the other hill, you can distinguish the outline of Grumento Nova, the modern settlement of the historical site of Grumentum. Initially an Enotrian or Lucanian city, it became Roman from the third century B.C. onwards. These are two of the towns in which the grapes are cultivated which produce the wine DOC Terre dell’Alta Vald’Agri.  The third town, rendered instantly recognisable by its Longobard Fortress, is Moliterno, situated behind Grumento. This town is renowned for its famous Pecorino Canestrato di Moliterno (basket cheese), and it is easy to stock up on this quality product from the various “fondaci” in the town. At the foot of this town of Grumento it is worth taking an excursion to the Archaeological Park of Grumentum, taking time to visit the museum attached where numerous historical finds are preserved from the past civilisations that frequented the site. In Viggiano visitors will find other interesting activities, visiting the Pontifical Basilica dedicated to the Madonna of the Sacred Mount, or following the traces of the notable musical tradition which has, for the past three centuries, been a defining characteristic of life in Viggiano ( as well as its inhabitants. In the square there is an information centre when it is possible to collect information on the events taking place in the region and where you can find information pertaining to the local food and wine producers who are always happy to welcome visitors.

Cagliata di pecorinoFascinating touristic excursions are organised to visit the archaeological sites of the ancient Roman city of Grumentum, the Carthusian Monastary of St. Lorenzo in Padula, the Pertosa Grotto and the  Pertusillo Lake.

MarateaCertosa di San Lorenzo, Padula

Hiking enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the expansive unpolluted green of the numerous surrounding mountains, near the canyon at the springs of the mountain streams Alli and Casale, and on the summit of the Volturino Mountain at the springs of the Agri River.

Scavi di Grumentum On the mountain massif of Pollino one can take in some breathtaking scenery in the search for the very rare Loricato Pine. The sea is easy to reach both on the Tyrrhenian coast, visiting the cliffs of the stunning Maratea, and on the sandy Ionian beaches, with an excursion to the beach resorts of Policoro or Metaponto.

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