The Wine Making


Tigullio Vino

“Il vino buono si vende anche senza frasca”
Dott. Rocco Cassano - 1967 – Preside dell’Istituto Agrario di Avellino F. de Sanctis fondato nel 1878.

Il nostro obiettivoThe ancient Greeks called there new land, the Italian peninsula, the Enotria  or Land of Wine. Wine has been part of our DNA for centuries, it has been sung about, cultivated and loved for about 3 millennium in Etruscans, Latin, slang, in dialect and in Italian. It is an active part of our culture, of our nutriment, our symbolisation, in short, it permeates every part of our lives.

Panorama della Val d'Agri

According to Mario Soldati, whose spirit continuously guides us, to make a good wine it takes three generations of wine-makers, and we’re the third! We understand that it’s not enough to count on the time that has passed us by, but reacting with the same passion as that of our ancestors with their farming roots, we would like to recapture past memories of the Lucanian wine culture, through simplistic enological research, following vital natural cycles, all the while paying due respect to the work of our past wine-makers. We aim to produce a type of wine that we would define as ‘rural’, a family wine with natural qualities and the without the traces of technological treatments that take away the natural element of this original product.

We start off by using highly acclaimed good quality grapes respecting there natural qualities and avoiding putting such qualities under the stress of certain techniques that are commonly used nowadays. For us, good wine is a natural, live product, free of unpleasant tastes or fragrances, little use of chemical products, it has the sensorial characteristics of wine produced from grapes that have been correctly and carefully cultivated. Our aim is to produce wines that preserve the traits of the grapes that they come from, with elementary, recognisable flavours and fragrances, we don’t want the international aspect, we want the ‘local’ aspect. We aim to work in the most traditional way possible, safeguarding all those values of our proud wine-making history, at the same time taking advantage of positive innovations that modern research has to offer. We are sure that these principles will reward us, providing us with wines which are rich in character, wines that have not lost any of their original qualities or have been distracted from their original identity, wines that are easy to drink in company and that have the ability to provoke strong sensations yet not having been subject to cold, impersonal tasting techniques.




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