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...It’s necessary alwais relate the “science”
of make wine to the “art” of make wine
Ribereau-Gayon in Trattato di Enologia

With all due respect to those local wine-makers who have passed us on so much knowledge, we can’t ignore modern wine-making techniques, as they allow us to understand wine-making fully. They therefore help us safeguard everything that is important from the past, while at the same time carefully introducing our knowledge and modern non-invasive techniques, with which we can produce extremely characteristic wines that preserve the fragrances and aromas of a variety of origins.

Essentially however, autochthonous yeasts are used, and cleaning and temperature control at every step of the wine-making process along with favourable climatic conditions such as large temperature range from day to night already in August, immediate wine-making after harvesting and low Winter temperatures help us naturally in our work.

The transformation of red wines is carried out in oak vats, whereby it is easy to follow the and condition fermentation process. When the grapes are perfectly healthy, we prefer to use so called natural yeasts in the wine-making process. Natural yeasts are already present on the skins of the grapes from this area. Careful attention is also given to the maintenance and the cleaning of the wine vessels. For making white wines however, we follow modern techniques as much as necessary so as to obtain fine wines which are perfumed yet light in colour and that will keep over time. The grapes are carefully hand picked and pressed, and they are made into wine in temperature controlled, steel inoxidized vats.




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