The Terroir of Agri Valley


Tigullio Vino


Vite centenariaThe jewel that we can really boast about is our land, and we can consider the land as the origin of the quality of the raw material thanks to a number of factors that determine an exemplar aspect without which our grapes would not have those ‘special’ essential characteristics that make for an exceptional local wine.

The alluvial land is rich in sand and clay, with low levels of silt, and these conditions are ideal for giving the wine structure, fullness and colour. Vines grow in the mountains at 650 metres above sea level where there is a mixture of fresh air and the Southern heat that lend ideal climatic conditions to the ripening of grapes. Low levels of Summer rain and mountain heat protect the grapes from parasites and vine mildew, allowing few, but essential interventions, all of which are made well before harvesting and guarantee minimum hydro stress, which is essential in the height of summer to kick start ripening (the lignification phase).

Il vigneto d'invernoTo complete the advantages of our land in producing grapes of an excellent quality is the temperature range that accompanies the grapes from August through to ripening which takes place in the second half of October or the first half of November and is important for developing aromas which render the grapes unique. These ‘starting’ conditions that, changing the date of harvesting slightly, give grapes the opportunity to acquire excellent components which, alongside careful wine-making techniques which are delicate yet non invasive, transfer character to the grapes which in their turn transfer that same character to the unique, typical wine it becomes.




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