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Tigullio Vino

“Consider ye the seed from which ye sprang;
   Ye were not made to live like unto brutes,
   But for pursuit of virtue and of knowledge.”
Dante Alighieri - Divina Commedia - XXVI Canton

Il Lucanico Il nostro vino

LUCANICO – Original wine from Terre dell’Alta Val d’Agri, “mjere” from Viggiano. In Val d’Agri and in Viggiano in particular, our farmers have always called this wine “mjere”, from the Horatian expression “merum bibere”, which means ‘pure’. This wine is different from the wine that the Romans habitually drank, which were extremely old and needed to be diluted down with water and then given a little extra flavour using spices and honey.


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The vine-growing and wine-making culture in the area around and including Val d’Agri dates back a long way and gives testimony to historical evidence that shows the supplying of wine to Viggiano by Monks in the nearby Certosa di Padula. This wine is made using Aglianico, Carbernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, and is produced using only natural yeasts, and is produced through natural stabilizing processes such as racking and temperature control. This is an exceptional wine, it’s readier, softer and rounder than a wine made using purely Aglianico grapes, as it is refined and complex and is the distinct expression of produce from an area that has maintained its originality and its authenticity.

It is perfect with many of our ever present dishes, such as cold meats and salamis, mature cheeses, first course pasta dishes with ragu sauce and roasts. It is dark red in colour with intense ruby qualities when reflected in the light, it is has a sweet, fruity perfume. As soon as it is first ready to drink it is full-bodied, but with maturing it becomes softer and more refined, and develops a more fragrant perfume. This is a locally produced, quality wine which is perfect for feasts and banquets, it has qualities that help to open the heart and the mind as it has been produced using nothing but natural processes, without the use of additives or chemicals therefore respecting tradition and the terroir.

Technical index/information - LUCANICO

Red Wine DOC Terre dell’Alta Val d’Agri - 2004 Grape harvest
Grape type: Merlot, Cabernet, Aglianico
Production Area: Central Basilicata - Alta Val d’Agri - Viggiano
Soil type: Alluvial and loose, low valley land - Altitude 670 metres above sea level, East- South Easterly facing position
Climate: Sun-soaked, fresh summers and harsh winter temperatures - downpours also in the summer months
Vineyards: grown on spurred strand and guyot - 35 and 6 years old - density 4000 vine stocks per hectare
Grape harvest: Grapes are hand-picked and put into crates between the beginning of October and the beginning of November
Wine-making process: de-stemmed grapes are steeped at 28/30° in wooden vats; natural yeast is obtained from pied de cuvee - SO2 5/15 grams per gallon is used depending on how healthy the grapes are - 3 treadings a day with racking at the depletion of sugar.
Maturing: In steel vats until the winter brings the cold, then in wooden vats for a year through a process of spontaneous malolatic fermentation and then wine is decanted into bottles and allowed to age naturally for another six months.

ConsorzioSeeing that preservatives are not used at any point of our wine-making process, residual matter could be present at the bottom of the bottle of wine and thus preservability is the responsibility of the care and attention of those who drink it. Even though it matures well, it is at its best at about 3-5 years old. Leave open to breathe a few hours before serving.




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