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Tigullio Vino

“Dottò, nun’ce stanno cchiù e’ vini… So rimaste sulo ‘e nomme!”
Don Vicienzo Triunfo – Riviera di Chiaja a Napoli - 1969

Aglianico su cordone speronatoAn essential factor in the race towards typicality is the choice of  native grape varieties, which have been grown in the local climate, and using local techniques for centuries, selected over years and years of experience by our wine-making ancestors. Innovations are carefully studied and experimented, keeping the best parts and correcting what has been empirically left to us, all the while being careful not to go against years of experience that have consolidated results obtained through hard work of a given stock, of a certain system of growing, or of a vine cultivated successfully.

For years we have used for red wines Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, cultivar that viggianesi musicians, vandering around the world, take at home in the past centuries.

Those cultivar, with their moderate acidity, in blend with Aglianico or Montepulciano gave us excellent results, they lend a softening quality to the impetus and the roughness of the two native vines, which in their turn contribute body and extract. The white wine is produce mostly using mostly Fiano grapes an ancient Etruscan vine that expresses itself with excellent results. Also in this case we make a moderated blending technique with Malvasia di Basilicata, or with Asprinio vines that have been acclimatized in this territory for centuries.




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